Miami, NYC, Los Angeles

Posted in 2013, Fashion on October 17, 2013 los_angeles_fashion_photographer3

The other night I was going through my image archives and came across several fashion/lifestyle images that have yet to be published on my blog, all of them were shot either in Miami, NYC or L.A.  Rather than leaving them there to simply gather digital dust, I decided to bring them out and let them […]

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Lexy’s Fitness Shoot

Posted in 2012, Fashion on August 12, 2012 los_angeles_fitness_photographer4

As the title describes, Lexy is a fitness model.  We shot these images while inspired by images we’d both seen in the Athleta catalog.  I actually receive this catalog at home and have often admired the look and feel of the photography.  I love how these shots turned out!

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OK, So I Shot Some Fashion…

Posted in 2012, Fashion on April 21, 2012 los_angeles_fashion_photographer2

After a 6 year hiatus, I just photographed my first Fashion shoot!  Oh fashion… How I’ve missed thee. Thanks to the entire creative team that came together in order to make this shoot happen.  Also, many thanks to the girls at M Management L.A. for providing  such wonderful talent.  

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