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Hello. I'm Juan.

Husband, father of three, optimist, photographer, ex-model and a kid at heart. Yep, that pretty much sums me up… but not completely.

Photography is something I discovered rather late in life. After spending considerable time pursuing other careers which ultimately lead to lack of fulfillment when the time was right, I found photography. I quickly realized that I had a natural eye for composition as well as a knack for capturing candid moments, that paired well with “in front” of the camera experience gained through a whole lot of modeling (one of those dissatisfying gigs I mentioned before).

I started off by assisting top commercial, beauty and fashion photographers in NYC. That was my photography school. All the while I’d be working on my own fashion photography shoots on the side. For a while, I thought Fashion photography would be my calling. However, eventually and through a round about way, I discovered wedding photography, or perhaps it discovered me? Any how, life had a different plan. I started shooting weddings and I’ve not looked back since!

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What I Photograph

Weddings & Engagements

Behold my specialty. I have over 8 years of experience photographing weddings. All my weddings are shot with a fashion edge.

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Kids & Family

I have to say, fatherhood has deeply influenced the way I approach family portraiture. As a father I've come to understand the connection between parent and child, it is a connection that is difficult to describe in words but takes no effort to feel.

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Private & Corporate Events

Planning an event but need a photographer? Look no further. I have experience photographing all types of events, from birthday parties, to red carpets to corporate events!

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Ah, how it all began. My training as a photographer has it roots in fashion photography studios in NYC. My early exposure to the art of fashion photography still remains with me, and is usually the approach I take when photographing weddings or portraits.

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