Jessica+Romulo’s Casa Del Sol d’Oro Wedding

Posted in 2010, Wedding, Weddings & Engagements on December 30, 2010 jessica-and-romulo-villa-del-sol-d'oro-wedding4

Jessica and Romulo were such awesome clients.  They were so easy going and had a great time while having their picture taken.  Maybe it had to do with the fact that their 14 person wedding party was also so willing to laugh and have a good time.  The traditional Catholic ceremony took place at the […]

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Audra+Scott’s Marina Del Rey Wedding

Posted in 2010, Wedding, Weddings, Weddings & Engagements on December 29, 2010 audra-and-scott-marina-del-rey-wedding2

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Audra & Scott’s wedding.  I’m not going to lie, the marine layer was in full effect on that day and there was even rain in the forecast.  What ever happened to our sunny Southern California days?  Despite the weather Aura & Scott had the time of their lives.  […]

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Jacqueline+Tyler Santa Barbara Wedding

Posted in 2010, Wedding, Weddings, Weddings & Engagements on October 15, 2010 JuanTurciosPhotog44

Words can not describe just how awesome Jacquie & Tyler’s wedding was.  It took place ocean side at a gorgeous private residence in Carpinteria, CA.  Everything about this wedding was just plain cooool!  From the gorgeous location to the “sign in” surfboard that welcomed guests as they entered to their amazing grand exit that you […]

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